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  • Remiornis and the anseriform Gastornis, meaning that - strange as it might seem - Paleocene Paris was home to three highly distinct, gigantic flightless birds.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Gastornis had also assured them the ship had warp drive.

    Daedalus’s Children

  • When I was first brought to Colonel Gastornis, he told me his superiors wanted as much information on Vulcan activities within the neighboring star systems as possible.

    Daedalus’s Children

  • And no one—not Colonel Gastornis, not the com officer, not even the guards who had escorted Reed to the military vessel that had borne him away—knew where the security chief had been taken.

    Daedalus’s Children

  • The prison was run by a minimal staff—forty guards, all equipped with the Taser-like rods Tomon so eagerly used on him, as well as hand weapons eerily identical to the old Starfleet laser pistols; half a dozen administrators; three medical workers; and a Colonel Gastornis, a military man whom Archer had never met, in charge.

    Daedalus’s Children

  • Gastornis tried to weasel a number out of their commander—a Lieutenant Covay—but backed off fast when the lieutenant started asking questions.

    Daedalus’s Children

  • Something Gastornis had said put the ship on alert.

    Daedalus’s Children

  • He hated being in this position, having to depend on someone like Gastornis for anything at all, much less something as important as this.

    Daedalus’s Children

  • Then there is the Gastornis parisiensis, which was as tall as an ostrich, as big as an ox, and belongs to the same order as the other.

    A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder


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