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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Henry Louis Gates (born 1950), American critic and scholar, or his theories or writings.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to Bill Gates (born 1955), American businessman and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation.


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Gates +‎ -ian


  • In Mr. Kirkpatrick's narrative, Mr. Zuckerberg comes across as a Gatesian underage overachiever.

    Status Update: Megasuccessful

  • But after months of investigation, his staff increasingly believes that Windows-tying is so ingrained in the Gatesian corporate culture that a broad assault, rather than a series of policing actions, may be necessary.

    The Feds' Case Against Bill Gates

  • Then he strolled out wearing a Gatesian outfit: a sweater (in a weird shade of lavender) and dress pants.

    Bill Gates’s Farewell

  • The defense secretary later added, "I think this is a cumulative kind of thing" — a very Gatesian way of not quite saying "because Admiral Fallon just won't leave the subject alone."

    Exit Strategy

  • Its products are not software in the Gatesian sense -- that is, they're not programs that you buy in a store and install on your PC.

    Internet News: June 2008 Archives

  • He may be the one who can overcome those who belong to the camp of appeasement, disguised as a plausible realism - the Gatesian "they'll just build it all up again" - if only he would take the time to sit, and think not only about everything under Central Command, but about the entire world.

    Jihad Watch

  • The Gatesian insistence that any attack will be useless because it will not completely succeed, is wrong in this case.

    Jihad Watch

  • Sounds positively Gatesian, but so far this is fairly standard fare for the video uber alles optimists - convergence, mobile and huge penetration and attention!



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