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  • n. The political movement supporting Gen. Charles de Gaulle as leader of the French government in exile during World War II.
  • n. The political movement headed by Charles de Gaulle after World War II.
  • n. The political principles and goals of Charles de Gaulle and his followers.

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  • n. French political ideology based on Charles de Gaulle's thoughts and actions.


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French Gaullisme, from Charles de Gaulle.


  • With the liberation, France threw herself behind Gaullism with such fervor because we were ashamed of our behavior.

    Vichy's 'Very Nice People'

  • President Sarkozy's speech on Thursday was a re-statement of traditional Gaullism, perhaps reflecting the electoral threat he faces from the National Front in next year's elections.

    France and Germany Still Divided

  • In “At Last, the Demise of Gaullism” (February 1978), Patricia H. Painton depicted the political landscape on the eve of suspenseful congressional elections.

    After the Bastille

  • The problems have been here all along, but Gaullism by its nature seems to reinforce conservatism and traditionalism.

    After the Bastille

  • That criticism should include all the unfortunate fruites of Zionism and folks, for goodness sake - if we had criticised, say France for something and mention the Gaullism, that would not be the sign of the hate of French.

    Gaza Invasion Protesters; Don't Feed the Beast-- Let's start talking about smart protest."

  • He appears, rather, to see London's role as mitigating the damage done by American unilateralism on the one hand and "Euro-Gaullism" on the other ( "the Chiracian version of Euro-Gaullism leads nowhere").


  • Naturally this has a certain appeal in some quarters of the Continent, where the anti-American Gaullism of the '60s is not entirely dead.

    Europe To Clinton: A Wary Welcome

  • Foreign Minister Michel Jobert, who took Gaullism to an extreme, opened a caucus in Washington of the European Community participants with the bitter salutation: “Bonjour les traitres” “Hello traitors”.

    The Prize

  • But then, I am not French and Gaullism is a political agenda for France.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • Must we call to mind the dark times of that other Berlin-Moscow-Paris axis which, at the moment of the French defeat, was already preaching the rejection of an America which had become another name for Jews and black music, cosmopolitanism and wops, nascent Gaullism, democracy and liberty?

    Bernard-Henri Lévy says why Barack Obama will be President.


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