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  • proper n. A female given name.


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From Germanic gār, gēr ("spear") + þrūþ ("strength") or trut ("maiden, dear") ; name of a Belgian seventh century saint.


  • When the doctor had gone and Marie had retired, Gertrude's aunt talked to her seriously about her father, whose almost frantic condition over what he called Gertrude's infatuation was alarming.

    The Daughter of a Magnate

  • Despite all this, the two "Enfances" nevertheless appeared together, on facing pages in Sherry Mangan's quarterly Pagany, Winter 1931, under the title Gertrude herself must have devised: "Enfances ” Georges Hugnet" and "Poem Pritten on Pfances of George Hugnet ” Gertrude Stein."

    Visiting Gertrude and Alice

  • Only dimly understanding that someone called Gertrude Stein had influence over his distinctive style, they -- we, I -- wanted to write those simple declarative sentences as effortlessly and as sparingly as he did.

    David Finkle: Easy Reader: Ernest Hemingway Writes Good Letters Home and Elsewhere, 1907-22

  • No news yet but I thought I may be able to stagger over to IMAX from work Xmas drinks in Gertrude Street …

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Strictly no faffing. This is serious.

  • As he watched her hand, polished as a bit of old ivory, with its slender pink nails, and the sapphire bracelet slipping over her wrist, he was struck with the irony of suggesting to her such a life as his cousin Gertrude Farish had chosen.

    2007 December « Baking History

  • [Link] Update (Sept. 30, 2006): A descendant of the Wilders has been found, and Gertrude is staying put.

    They'd Never Seen a Wilder Tomb

  • But this I will only say once, if I catch you doing this again Gertrude

    The Crossroads of Love ch.4

  • "I'm so glad Gertrude is going to stay," said Mrs. Blythe.

    Rilla of Ingleside

  • Una Meredith has decided, I think, to take a course in Household Science at Kingsport – and Gertrude is to be married to her Major and is frankly happy about it – 'shamelessly happy' she says; but I think her attitude is very beautiful.

    Rilla of Ingleside

  • Norman and Tudor's first entrance on their London life, the girls at Surbiton Cottage were mere girls -- that is, little more than children; they had not, as it were, got their wings so as to be able to fly away when the provocation to do so might come; they were, in short, Gertrude and Linda Woodward, and not the Miss

    The Three Clerks


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