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  • "And are those goggling flaming eyes not big enough and bright enough to see that this is the soft bridle called Gleipnir, which is made of the breath of fish and of the spittle of birds and of the footfall of a cat?"

    Figures of Earth

  • Manuel asked, "Snip, was that in truth the bridle called Gleipnir?"

    Figures of Earth

  • Armed with this bond, called Gleipnir, the gods went with Fenris to the

    Myths of the Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas

  • All-father sent Skirnir down to Svartalfheim World of the Dark Elves, and there he had some dwarfs make the fetter called Gleipnir...

    Old English gods and myths: the worlds

  • "Now, although certainly such a bridle was foretold," the snake conceded, a little uneasily, "how can I make sure that you speak the truth when you say this particular bridle is Gleipnir?"

    Figures of Earth

  • Fenrir, to let himself be bound up with the chain, Gleipnir, he, fearing that they would never afterwards unloose him, only consented on the condition that while they were chaining him he should keep Tyr's right hand between his jaws.

    Ten Great Religions An Essay in Comparative Theology

  • Finally the gods sent a messenger to the mountain spirits, who made for them the chain called Gleipnir.

    The Age of Fable

  • But this Serpent of the North has no way of discovering this fact except by fitting the bridle over his head: and this one thing the serpent will never do, because he knows that then, if my bridle proved to be Gleipnir, all power and all life would go out of him. "

    Figures of Earth

  • And then, if I live forever I shall know that this is indeed Gleipnir, and that you have spoken the truth. "

    Figures of Earth

  • "'After this, the gods despaired of ever being able to bind the wolf; wherefore All-father sent Skirnir, the messenger of Frey, into the country of the Dark Elves (Svart√°lfaheim) to engage certain dwarfs to make the fetter called Gleipnir.

    Ten Great Religions An Essay in Comparative Theology


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