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  • abbr. gonadotropin-releasing hormone


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  • In addition, GnIH affects nerve cells that secrete GnRH, which is in line with previous findings that GnIH down-regulates GnRH. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Newer, very expensive drugs called gonadatropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogs actually change brain chemistry to turn off the ovaries 'production of estrogen and progesterone -- but they also lead to osteoporosis.

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  • At this time GnRH pulses increase briefly and LH levels begin to rise, culminating in a surge of LH that triggers the release of the egg ovulation right at mid-cycle.

    A Baby at Last!

  • The cortisol appears to reduce the output of GnRH from the hypothalamus.

    A Baby at Last!

  • The first half of the menstrual cycle, called the follicular phase, begins with pulses of GnRH, about one pulse every ninety minutes.

    A Baby at Last!

  • Progesterone levels increase in the second half of the cycle, called the luteal phase, which signals the hypothalamus to slow down GnRH pulses gradually to every four to six hours.

    A Baby at Last!

  • If anyone really wants to do a study on this, I think that all the endometriosis patients who are on GnRH agonists would be a perfect population.

    Estrogen and Memory

  • I like you study idea, though I don't know if the pseudo-menopause caused by GnRH Agonists is really the same as true menopause.

    Estrogen and Memory

  • I am speaking, of course, about Uterine artery embolization, the Mirena IUD and GnRH Agonist add-back therapy.

    In Defense of the Hysterectomy

  • Endo can be treated by surgery and by hormonal suppression progestins, continuous use of oral contraceptives, danazol, GnRH agonists.

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