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  • adjective Of or pertaining to William Godwin (1756–1836), English writer and political philosopher, an early advocate of utilitarianism and anarchism.


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Godwin +‎ -ian


  • However, I suspect that Rowling is fast becoming the Godwinian point in any fanfic discussion.

    Let’s Get Transformative « Whatever

  • Shelley's Godwinian demonstration of the creature's natural benevolence being perverted into criminality by his miserable circumstances depends upon this universal, unthinking rejection and exclusion.

    Patriarchal Fantasy and the Fecal Child in Mary Shelley's _Frankenstein_ and its Adaptations

  • Raymond's technological and engineering improvements, here, described as "schemes" and "projects," invoke Godwinian notions of human perfectibility, Napoleonic empire-building, and -- finally -- Frankensteinian faith in science.

    Note: Canals, etc.

  • As the grim forces of starvation and pestilence begin to take their toll, the ideal Godwinian community will quickly collapse into abject misery and selfishness: This beautiful fabric of imagination vanishes at the severe touch of truth.


  • (Chapter 10) With this grim depiction of human behavior in the face of "the chilling breath of want," Malthus provides an all-too-realistic portrait of the demise of an ideal Godwinian community.


  • The confidence here in something like Godwinian perfectibility demonstrates how thoroughly Salt identified his own goals and work with Shelley's: even his other favorite writersThoreau, Melville, Richard Jefferies, James Thomsondo not write like this.

    Henry Salt on Shelley: Literary Criticism and Ecological Identity

  • It is the underlying thesis of this collection of essays that Romantic poetry expresses an environmental ethic; that the ideal of community among all living creatures is essential to our own survival as a species; and that there is present relevance in the Godwinian aspiration to create a sustainable society on the basis of an agrarian mode of production in local communities.


  • But with its unmistakably Godwinian title, this poem goes far beyond anything Southey or Wordsworth ever wrote in condemning the effect of imperialist war on British workers and poor people.

    Young Shelley

  • She also nullifies the Napoleonic hero (Byron, in biographical readings) and the Wordsworthian ideal as well: the innocence of youth "trailing clouds of glory" is demythisized in Wordsworth's own Lake District landscape in favor of Godwinian education.

    Radical Imaginings: Mary Shelley's The Last Man

  • With them, Verney would have remained locked in a nuclear family, just as without expanded perspectives the world would be locked in self-interest, and would fail to achieve the larger concern for society as a whole -- the Godwinian most good for the most people.

    Radical Imaginings: Mary Shelley's The Last Man


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