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  • noun New Zealand, informal New Zealand.


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Contraction of God's own country.


  • Not in the Philippines but here in what they cal the 'Godzone', New Zealand.

  • Juliagillard et al in "Godzone" at the Melbourne Theatre Company) is a sham and a fraud - as was the "we are sorry" that ignored the ongoing realities of Racism, Genocide and education system-complicit Ethnocide (see "Aboriginal Genocide": - Comments

  • The government spent $108,000 on Hillary Clinton's state visit - even though the American secretary of state never actually set foot in Godzone. - Stuff

  • Hannan, who visited New Zealand last week, did not hold back with his Godzone infatuation in a column in The Spectator's Australian edition. - Stuff

  • And they are inspirational, so once again Unlimited magazine scoured Godzone to uncover 10 cool companies.


  • Seems like the big shock though is that this sort of thing can happen in Godzone.


  • He has just emailed (we've been emailing, txting and skyping; he doesn't "Tweat" - no proper bloke should) that he will be hopping the 12 hour bus to Phuket tomorrow, wait overnight and fly to Singapore, wait another day and then fly back to Godzone (NZ).

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • So who is it that causes the greatest deforestation in Godzone?


  • And yet "Luhrmann's long-awaited, and over-budget epic Australia manages, against the odds, to avoid turning into one big sunburnt stereotype about Godzone country.

    GreenCine Daily


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