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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Joseph Goebbels (1897–1945), German politician associated with Nazi atrocities under Adolf Hitler.


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Goebbels +‎ -ian


  • He probably thinks that he is where he is because he's some kind of Goebbelsian wizard, but people far more powerful than he have placed him there precisely because he appeals to an audience that brings exactly zero intellectual rigour to the table.


  • Over the last few days they have run a co-ordinated campaign of smears and innuendoes almost Goebbelsian in its mendacity against Carwyn Jones.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Why on earth do you perpetuate the Goebbelsian lie that they are "liberal classes"?

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • I do not mean to curb the opinion but the same opinion cannot be trumpeted 80 times; then it becomes Goebbelsian propaganda.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Late Night Music: Eva Cassidy; Tall Trees in Georgia

  • What this incident has also done is to expose the bankruptcy of the CPIM allied intellectuals who propagate the falsehoods emanating from their party in a Goebbelsian manner, hoping that a lie repeated a hundred times will become the truth.

    CPI(M) lies about Tapasi Malik’s death - apologist Vijay Prasad disseminates untruths

  • And at least part of the reason for that is because we have been buying into the Goebbelsian lies of the state: that these tribal movements are all controlled and managed by Naxals/Maoists; or that the tribals are actually being coerced by Maoists; or that there are no tribals, only Maoists.

  • Otherwise, in true Goebbelsian fashion, it will simply be blindly repeating the lies, over and over again, till the lies become the truth.

  • Wall Street Journal that I kind of like because of its rational approach to economy and politics wrote a similar virulent stupidity like the recent Goebbelsian articles in the

    The Reference Frame

  • The Goebbelsian lie was exposed when obtained reports from the clerical regime's own Ministry of Islamic Guidance said that no foreign reporter has entered Iran as of February 9.

    The National Council of Resistance of Iran - NCRI

  • I won't call them out by name, but there are people on these very boards ... left AND right ... whom I would not trust to think for themselves when bombarded with Goebbelsian propaganda campaigns.

    The Nation: Top Stories


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