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  • Goering, Hermann Wilhelm See Hermann Wilhelm Göring.

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  • n. German politician in Nazi Germany who founded the Gestapo and mobilized Germany for war (1893-1946)


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  • The brilliant German philosopher Hermann Goering is reported to have said at the Nuremburg Trials:

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  • It was made privately in Goering’s cell to German-speaking U.S. Army Captain Gustave Gilbert, a psychologist.

    Medvedev’s ‘Tough Guy Act’ « Blog

  • “I heard a worker who was standing by his whimpering wife in an air-raid shelter called Goering ‘a damned fat liar.’”

    Human Smoke

  • It does not take the account of numerous representatives of Government in their confession as to such pressure, such fear, as was brought to bear to 'drive through' hand over of control financial - in similar sense as the abhorrence of the concentration camp system does not require testimony of such as Goering or Speer to verify.


  • The con man's mark was Hermann Goering, one of the most reviled leaders of Nazi Germany and a fanatic collector of art.

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  • Taking an unusually dynamic approach to Van Gogh's legacy, Cynthia Saltzman, in her outstanding 'The Portrait of Dr. Gachet' 1999, tells the absorbing story of a single masterpiece's journey from Van Gogh's easel, through the international art world, into the hands of Hermann Goering and eventually to a record-setting 1990 auction at Christie's.

    A Stranger to Himself

  • He had some help, not entirely acknowledged, from a manuscript (which I saw in Moscow) written by Hanna Reitsch, a famous German pilot who had flown to Berlin in the war's final days with the newly appointed head of the Luftwaffe (his predecessor, Hermann Goering, having been dismissed for defeatism).

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  • America's rightwing would make Hitler and Goering proud. doug

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  • For thine is the Himmler, the Goebbels and the Goering

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Hermann Goering, the former high-ranking Nazi officer and the most important defendant at Nuremberg, was asked why he had joined with Hitler in the 1920s.

    Five Best: William Shawcross


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