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  • n. A member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era.

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  • proper n. A member of the East Germanic tribe, who invaded the Roman Empire in the 3rd to 5th centuries.
  • proper n. uncivilized person, barbarian, Vandal


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Middle English Gothes, Goths, from Late Latin Gothī, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English Gota and Old Norse Goti, Goth.

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From Middle English Gothes, Gotes, both pl., partly from Old English Gotan, Goþan, both pl., s. forms Gota, Goþa; partly from Late Latin Gothi, both pl., s. form Goth; of Germanic origin; compare Old Norse Goti "Goth", compare Gothic *𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌰𐌽𐍃 ("Gutans") pl. "Goths", from Proto-Germanic *gutô (latter two terms are ablaut grades) perhaps from the Proto-Germanic *geutanan, but more likely from Proto-Germanic *gudanaz (see also good, God, Odin, Gutan, Wotan, Woden). Related terms are Gudai, Gutan, Gutnish, Gotlander, Geat, Gaut, Got, and probably Catalonia, Catalan.


  • I’ve been watching the rare goth lesbian beauty in the video Overload Created by two Germans; the country that invented modern Goth.

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  • I did read just the other day that the term Goth, in its original meaning was derogatory.

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  • Middle Ages the term Goth served — as it still does today — to designate the Germanic tribal group that migrated into Spain, southwestern France, and Italy in the late phase of the Roman Empire.


  • Through this process of identification the scope of the term Goth expanded enormously: geographically, to the borders of the Germanic world in Scandinavia and its offshoots in Iceland and Green - land, as well as to England; and temporally, reaching early modern times so that, for example, it seemed natural to hail the seventeenth-century Swedish king


  • But then, he said, in recent years, he changed and started this different lifestyle, dressing in all black, and doing sort of what they call the Goth lifestyle.

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  • The "Goth" is put back into Gotham, with Batman being much more of a gargoyle figure.

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  • • One could says that Goth is an artistic movement centered around music and fashion.

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  • Goth is a look that simultaneously expresses and cures its own sense of alienation.

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  • “To me, Goth is like an escape,” wrote Ms. Jenkins, who is 18 and attends Olentangy Liberty High School.

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  • Corporate Goth is a familiar expression in East Coast cities where people tend to separate their playtime from their workdays.

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