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  • Some come close to Goya's horrifying late black paintings.

    Return to the Grim and Dark

  • Mr. Steinhardt admires the "social intensity" of Goya's portraits of Spain's societal and political ills.

    Following the Smart Art Money

  • He owns Goya's 1810 watercolor, "In Poverty and Barefoot goes Philosophy."

    Following the Smart Art Money

  • On the catalog cover of Christie's evening sale Tuesday is Francisco Goya's portrait of Don Juan López de Robredo, embroiderer to King Carlos IV of Spain estimate: £4 million-£6 million.

    Renewed Interest in the Old

  • But I remember being struck by Goya's weirdness: the distorted faces of the Spanish royal family, the isolated, looming figure of the Duchess of Alba Goya's lover, the strange skies.

    Guardian young arts critic competition 2011: Our critics' picks

  • I remember wondering why Goya's paintings meant so much to me when I knew nothing about art and had never been anywhere, least of all to Madrid.

    Guardian young arts critic competition 2011: Our critics' picks

  • Another book is Goya's Last Portrait, a play by the critic John Berger.

    Guardian young arts critic competition 2011: Our critics' picks

  • It is almost cruel to view Picasso's work without explanation, for instance his great "Massacre in Korea," his literal homage to Goya's "Third of May, 1808," without so much as a hint of its parentage or reference to the 1950 Korean War mass-killing of men, women and a large number of children by American and South Korean forces.

    Michael Berkowitz: The Shame of the Galleries: Stained Stein, Purloined Picasso

  • Riffing on artistic "styles" as diverse as the portraiture of Diego Velázquez and Jean-Dominique Ingres, the Surrealism of Yves Tanguy and Giorgio de Chirico, Francisco de Goya's grotesques, Giuseppe Arcimboldo's absurdist figures and Pablo Picasso's Rose period, Cubism and classicism (as well as Sesame Street and Looney Tunes), Mr. Condo (b. 1957) produces a clownish mishmash of masters and pop culture.

    Mind Games for the Surreal

  • When it's announced that Cavaradossi's is to be a mock execution, we know the bullets will be real, and when the firing squad lets loose, in a scene reminiscent of Goya's "Third of May," the moment is brilliantly set against a stone slab that doubles as a canvass, confirming our suspicions.

    Pleasant 'Tosca' Offers Safe Choice in Madrid


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