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  • See European Economic Community.


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  • I hope the Grauniad's support of AV, or to use its Australian name, Preferential Voting, is due to a simple lack of knowledge of the system in practice, because, over and over again there has been no difference in the result if the vote had been counted using FPTP or Preferential Voting.

    Constitutional reform: Alternative currents | Editorial

  • "Does this mean the Grauniad's readership is largely made up of public servants who are all down the pub for a post strike drink?"

    Manchester United v Crystal Palace

  • Here are the Grauniad's "corrections and clarifications" from yesterday's edition.

    A spectrum of jokes

  • Hopefully Polly will read the Grauniad's "Bad Science" column, before making too much of this.

    MPs Expenses and safe seats correlation - update

  • Grauniad's own articles on Liverpool, such as this from 24 May 1993: The royal family has taken its whacks with a certain decent cheerfulness, something which compares interestingly with the intimidatory self-pity issuing from Liverpool if anyone suggests that idle, violent city is, well, an idle, violent city

    Crime of the day

  • David Blunkett's repositioning continues apace in the Grauniad's liberty central.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Agreed that the Grauniad's CIF pages attract the most yobbish borderline fascistic commenters.

    It is interesting that Sir George Young took the opportunity...

  • The Grauniad's Victor Keegan has a stirring editorial on the way that the BBC can afford to take risks that the private sector can't afford, proving out new technology.

    Boing Boing

  • A piece by Peter Tatchell yesterday on the Grauniad's Comment Is Free blog deserves a far wider airing.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • Although some authoritarians are still holding up issues such as 42 day detention without charge as positive and necessary changes to secure our modern way of life, many commentators have been openly questioning this logic -- there was even a paean to Davis produced on the Grauniad's Comment Is Free today.

    Haltemprice & Howden May Trigger Real Debate


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