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  • adj. Pertaining to Robert Graves (1895-1985), English poet and novelist.


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Graves +‎ -ian


  • I really need to say something here to at least clarify several items from a Gravesian perspective, since the whole notion of "tiers" - although not his language -- is part and parcel of his theory.

    Don Beck on Third Tier and Spirit in SDi

  • What is of particular interest is Cowan's framing of the distinctions he makes between Gravesian theory, Cowan's own use of Spiral Dynamics, and the work of Dr. Don Beck.

    Speedlinking 11/6/07

  • Interesting -- there's something that seems Gravesian about this, in sentiment, tone, or style.


  • In Gravesian language these are not types of people but ways of thinking about something, which means one can think in different levels memetic codes in different areas of one's life.

    Don Beck on Spiral Dynamics and AQAL

  • The foundational Gravesian model - the core of SD - focuses on the elements that create choice, change, personality and behavior.

    Welcome to Spiral Dynamics Integral

  • Welcome to the Gravesian map to human nature, and the definitive source for SD.

    Welcome to Spiral Dynamics Integral

  • But in neither the Freudian nor the Gravesian interpretation has Oedipus any choice about what he does.


  • The appeal of the Oedipus myth, if we take the Freudian view of it, is to certain primal desires and horrors; if we take a Gravesian view of it, it is a muddled recollection of the matriarchal society in which the king regularly had to die.


  • There are several other Gravesian interpretations around, notably by Jenny Wade and an introductory overview that discusses more "real-world" applications within

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  • This book's only contribution was to introduce post-Gravesian Spiral Dynamics into the Wilberian

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