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Great Leap Forward


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  • n. An economic and social plan used from 1958 to 1961 which aimed to use China's vast population to rapidly transform China from a primarily agrarian economy by peasant farmers into a modern communist society through the agriculturalization and industrialization


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  • Since the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, China's ruling party has pulled off an extraordinary Houdini act, shaking off the horrors of Mao-made catastrophe -- including the death by starvation of 35 to 40 million people in the so-called Great Leap Forward -- and disentangling itself from the ideological chains that doomed the Soviet communists.

    Richard McGregor's 'The Party' reveals the secret world of China's communists

  • The model for the Great Leap Forward was the Paris Commune, an armed workers community, yet one which incorporated organized state power into itself.

    An Exchange on China

  • Some of the reports were a throwback to more bitter times, during the disastrous agricultural collectivization known as the Great Leap Forward, when nearly the entire population was starved and many survived on leaves, wild vegetables, and half-rotting foodstuffs.

    Status of Chinese People

  • The Great Leap Forward was the name given to the Second - Articles related to Detained Salvadoran wanted in Cuba: Chavez

  • The Great Leap Forward was the name given to the Second Five Year Plan which was scheduled to run from 19581963, though the name is now generally limited to the first three years of this period. - Articles related to Detained Salvadoran wanted in Cuba: Chavez

  • But unless the three previous opposition parties are prepared to take the 'Great Leap Forward' and form a Rainbow Coalition, something of this sort is about the only option left on the table.

    A Deal of Convenience

  • There has been a remarkable general expansion of longevity, and despite the temporary setback during the terrible famines of 1958 “ 1961 (following the disastrous failure of the so-called Great Leap Forward), the Chinese life expectancy at birth increased from the low forties around 1950 to the high sixties by the time the economic reforms were introduced in 1979.

    More Than 100 Million Women Are Missing

  • Maxwell Hearn, who heads the Met's department of Asian art and curated this installation, believes that "Fu must have had ambivalent feelings vis à vis Communism and Mao" given the hardship caused by the Great Leap Forward and the capriciousness of censorship.

    A Message in the Landscapes

  • She should not spend so much energy questioning the Great Leap Forward and instead work on herjetés derrières avec temps levés!

    Diary of a Bolshoi Potato Dancer

  • It is the same thinking that justified Mao Zedong and his Great Leap Forward plan, which put future gains ahead of the lives of real people today.

    Aaron Hurst: Is Bigotry Worth Fighting?


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