from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. the sovereign of the empire founded in Hindustan by the Mongols under Baber in the sixteenth century. Hence, a very important personage; a lord; -- sometimes only mogul or Moghul.


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  • Because, Mr. Astor, by the time I became involved, the Great Mogul was in Canton.

    City of Glory

  • The Orlov diamond, part of the Russian crown jewels, is a more likely candidate based upon the appearances of both stones, but no one is prepared to state unequivocally that the Orlov and the Great Mogul are the same.

    City of Glory

  • Venice; the marble palaces of Genoa; the Gonfaloniers of Florence - then about the Great Mogul - the Ghauts of the Himalayah, Chinese junks, et cetera.

    My manse during the war : a decade of letters to the Rev. J. Thomas Murray, editor of the Methodist Protestant,

  • That is why Maurice Vionne consulted him as well as Mr. Mordecai Frank when the Great Mogul came first to his attention.

    City of Glory

  • How does it happen, Mr. Blakeman, that the Great Mogul is here in New York, with you?

    City of Glory

  • He knew that they were bringing him an authentification of the diamond: the statement of two highly respected New York jewelers that the gem was indeed the legendary Great Mogul and that it would be a remarkable addition to the crown jewels of the Holy Roman emperor, Francis II, king of Bohemia and Hungary, emperor of Austria.

    City of Glory

  • You have told me the story of the Great Mogul is well known.

    City of Glory


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