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  • n. A little Greek, or one of small esteem or pretensions.


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Greek +‎ -ling


  • A thorough soldier and yet the inaugurator of a peace policy, a 'Greekling' as his Roman subjects called him, and saturated with Hellenic ideas, and yet a lover of

    Humanly Speaking

  • Cultivated and bookish, the Spanish-born "Greekling" (he wore a Greek beard) built great buildings that endure to this day, notably the Pantheon in Rome, which, what with the Venetians accidentally blowing up the Parthenon in Athens, so I was taught, is the only building from the classical era to survive with its roof intact.

    Blogposts |

  • "Well, Greekling, if you get a quiet word with Plato, just tell him this from the Roman cohort."

    The Mask of Apollo

  • Inconsistencies, too much subject that Gentleman to the Character given, by the _Roman_ Satirist, of an assuming sharp-set _Greekling_:

    An Essay on the Antient and Modern State of Ireland

  • Greekling judge, at one time a Greek, and at another a Roman?

    The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Volume 4

  • "Him and no one else," she answered curtly, and the Greekling slipped thankfully out as the curtains were drawn aside to admit a man, about thirty-five years old, whose face and bearing brought suddenly into the fretful room a consciousness of a larger world, a more difficult arena.

    Roads from Rome

  • The Greekling -- as Juvenal has it -- in want of a dinner, would climb somehow to heaven itself, at the bidding of his Roman master.

    Literary and General Lectures and Essays

  • "starveling Greekling," there appeared the eulogistic picture of an

    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria

  • “starveling Greekling,” there appeared the eulogistic picture of an Aristeas, the improved Exodus of an Artapanus.

    Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria


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