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  • noun A plant of the genus Grindelia.
  • noun In pharm., an official drug which consists of the leaves and flowering tops of Grindelia robusta and G. squarrosa.
  • noun A genus of asteroid composites, coarse herbs or sometimes shrubby, with rather large radiate terminal heads of yellow flowers, and with the foliage usually covered with a viscid balsamic secretion.

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  • noun (Med.) The dried stems and leaves of tarweed (Grindelia), used as a remedy in asthma and bronchitis.

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  • noun large genus of coarse gummy herbs of western North and Central America


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  • Other plants include giant helleborine orchid Epipactis gigantea, button cactus Epithelantha micromeris, Guadalupe jewelflower Streptanthus sparsiflorus, Havard's gumweed Grindelia havardii and resurrection plant Selaginella pilifera.

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park, United States

  • Grindelia resins have properties similar to the terpenoids in wood and gum rosins, which are used commercially in adhesives, varnishes, paper sizings, printing inks, soaps, and numerous other industrial applications

    Chapter 10

  • Grindelia camporum: potential cash crop for the arid southwest.

    Chapter 10

  • The potential for the commercial utilization of resins from Grindelia camporum.

    Chapter 10

  • Diterpene acids from Pinus (a, b) and Grindelia (c, d) are remarkably similar.

    Chapter 10

  • Grindelia camporum is a 0. 5-1.5 m resinous perennial shrub.

    Chapter 10

  • Flowering phenology and outcrossing in tetraploid Grindelia camporum Greene.

    Chapter 10

  • With increasing costs and declining supplies of these wood-based materials, substitutions with Grindelia resins in this market (700,000 tons per year) may become practical.

    Chapter 10

  • Several species of Grindelia occur along the North American Pacific Coast in estuaries or salt marsh habitats.

    Chapter 10

  • Grindelia resins have properties similar wood rosins, which are used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

    Chapter 10


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