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  • proper n. Alternative spelling of Guianas.


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  • Ranging freely across the "greater Caribbean"—the region between the Chesapeake Bay and the Guyanas—McNeill makes a riveting case that the primary driver in the colonial conflicts there was not political or economic but microbiological.

    Discovering America Anew

  • I spend the time talking with an Ethiopian Muslim who is traveling with another group of Muslims (from several countries) for three weeks in the Guyanas and Caribbean.

    Chris Guillebeau: Overland Journey from Guyana to Suriname

  • Gold mining and the rampant expansion of logging are the most serious cause for concern, much of which is done illegally and along the borders of the Guyanas and Brazil and Venezuela where there is little enforcement or protection.

    Guianan moist forests

  • In the New World, cutaneous and mucocutaneous forms of the disease exist, again known by various local names: espundia in the Amazon region, papalomoyo in Central America and pian bois in the Guyanas.

    Chapter 5

  • Nevertheless, it wants to take over Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia; exert influence in the Guyanas, and expand in all directions.


  • You happen to live in a country that, along with the esteemed likes of Myanmar, the Guyanas and North Korea, has no minimum paid leave law to make vacations statutorily legit.

    The Full Feed from

  • Bolivia, specifically its indigenous communities and their NGO advocates, has been a pioneer of this effort, and communities in Brazil, Peru and the Guyanas have jumped on board as well. Top Stories

  • They are found only in the Amazon basin, in the Orinoco, in rivers of the Guyanas, in the Paraguay-Paraná, and in the São Francisco River systems. - Articles related to World Cup 2010: Greece Defender Vangelis Moras To Miss South Korea Clash

  • - Guyanas most CONSISTENT performer has performed non-stop every single week, every single month & every single - Articles related to Chavez Suspends radio-TV Program During Campaign

  • So it wasn't a great flight but on the other hand I happened to be awake as we crossed over the Guyanas and Venezuela leaving the South American continent and watching the moon glisten over the open water which felt like a symbolic moment in the adventure.

    The Life of I


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