from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. See zero hour.

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  • n. The hour at which any major event planned for the future is set to begin, as used in United States military.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

H (abbr. of hour) + hour.


  • As for the later plan, drafted between February and April, which shifted the landing zone, H-hour, and canceled air support, the JCS had approved nothing.

    Going Home to Glory

  • H-hour for the major paradrops was set for 30 minutes past mid-night, 5 June, or, the first 30 minutes of 6 June

    Moosburg Online: (Oral history: Livingston)

  • As H-hour approached last week, Bush met with a group of education advisers.

    'Strong And Steady'

  • Suleiman will meet with Israeli officials following the meeting with Hamas, and a decision will be made on H-hour, the point at which the cease-fire will go into effect.

    danger of peace breaking out

  • There would be no dedicated air support, though planes would be airborne over Helmand at H-hour–set for 10:00 hrs–and quick to arrive if needed.

    An Ordinary Soldier

  • With just fifteen minutes till H-hour, Shahrukh and his men had still not turned up.

    An Ordinary Soldier

  • At 10:30 hrs, thirty minutes after H-hour, the final blast came and the ANP got to their feet, starting to advance.

    An Ordinary Soldier

  • I had ordered Sergeant-Major Johnstone and his team not to arrive till some thirty minutes after H-hour.

    An Ordinary Soldier

  • Author interviews with Burgin, Leyden, Mace, McEnery, and Santos revealed the nervousness and tension among the Marines as the countdown to H-hour progressed and the amtracks carrying the invasion force headed for the beaches.

    Brotherhood of Heroes

  • Reveille will be before daylight, and H-hour will be at 0830.

    Brotherhood of Heroes


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