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  • have a nice day


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  • HAND is the direction a stair takes at the first riser.

    Herta Müller - Nobel Lecture

  • There is just so much anyone can do for anyone else in [HAND OUTS] before there is nothing left to hand out and the fact is most [CARE GIVERS] at least suffer and a great number die do to over extension of giving, causing both provider and giver to have early deaths and so it is with societies, it is one thing to give a [HAND UP] a helping hand, it is another to be come their crutch, a host as to a leach, to many leaches bleed a host to death.

    Matthew Yglesias » Who Cares About “Climate Debt”?

  • FOR THE SENATE TO WASTE TIME YESTERDAY JUST TO SLAP WILSON ON THE HAND is a joke, he should have faced time off without pay, better yet yank his GOVT RUN HEALTHCARE AWAY after all this is what WILSON'S DISRESPECT TOWARD THE PREZ WAS ALL ABOUT.

    Republicans say Carter playing 'race card'

  • This trailer also implies that the game has many of the character design qualities of GOD HAND, which is certainly a plus as far as I am concerned. News

  • This version remains the official stand-alone release in Germany, but a new 1.66:1 anamorphic transfer of the film with optional English 2.0 audio and subtitling is available as part of TOBIS/UFA Home Entertainment's four-disc Region 2 box set EDGAR WALLACE EDITION 7 (1967-68), which also includes DER MÖNCH MIT DER PEITSCHE (an infinitely superior transfer of the film released here by Dark Sky Films as THE COLLEGE GIRL MURDERS), IM BANNE DES UNHEIMLICHEN (aka THE HAND OF POWER) and DER GORILLA VON SOHO (aka THE GORILLA GANG or THE APE CREATURE).

    Archive 2006-04-23

  • I navigate websites my children frequent; I blog; I yammer; I ning; I program my iPod and theirs; I text my son "HAND" (have a nice day).

    Literary Mama: Literary Mama Home

  • Can you show us what you have, in a true DWG and what do you did by "HAND". the easiest way to 'manually' profile a surface is to insert the topo (contour lines, break lines) then XCLIP it -- the clip boundary should follow your profile path, yet be a closed boundary, i.e. a long narrow rectangle.

    All Discussion Groups: Message List - root

  • Does every other chapter of LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS count as short stories?

    What are Ursula K. Le Guin's Best Short Stories?

  • STARSHIP TROOPERS shocked its audience at the time by having a black main character, female pilots, and still shocks audiences with its unabashedly pro-military preaching; WIZARD OF EARTHSEA and LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS had a more vaired color palatte for its characters than Anglo-Saxon off-white.

    MIND MELD: Taboo Topics in SF/F Literature

  • Truth Leem/Reuters SECOND HAND: A man looked at used televisions, mostly produced by Samsung Electronics, at a store in Seoul Wednesday.

    Photos of the Day: Oct. 27


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