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  • noun genetics regulatory gene and RNA gene responsible for brain development; and of the neocortex in humans.


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Blend of HAR and 1


  • In a computer-based search for pieces of DNA that have undergone the most change since the ancestors of humans and chimps diverged, "Human Accelerated Region 1" or HAR1, was a clear standout.

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  • There is more to learn about HAR1 RNA, but already a Belgian colleague of Pollard's has shown that it is made in specific nerve cells within the brain's developing cerebral cortex. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Pollard and colleagues named the DNA segment HAR1, for "human accelerated region." - latest science and technology news stories

  • Pollard's colleagues subsequently showed that HAR1 encodes RNA. - latest science and technology news stories

  • HAR1 proves to mark a genetic region that is expressed early in the development of the neocortex; HAR152 is near the gene encoding a protein called neurogenin-2 that is expressed in a region of the hippocampus with a central role in learning and memory; and HAR2 is near a gene with strong expression in the hand, perhaps playing some role in human-specific hand coordination.

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  • HAR1, HAR1F, is expressed in human Cajal-Retzius cells that are thought to play a crucial role in redirecting migrating neurons during development.


  • HAR1 is not a protein-coding sequence but belongs to a non-coding RNA sequence.


  • what happens when we activate HAR1 in other animals.

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