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  • n. regulatory gene and RNA gene responsible for hand development; and the opposable thumb in humans


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Blend of HAR and 2


  • The second highest-ranking DNA in Pollard's screen, dubbed HAR2, is a switch regulating the activation of specific genes. - latest science and technology news stories

  • HAR1 proves to mark a genetic region that is expressed early in the development of the neocortex; HAR152 is near the gene encoding a protein called neurogenin-2 that is expressed in a region of the hippocampus with a central role in learning and memory; and HAR2 is near a gene with strong expression in the hand, perhaps playing some role in human-specific hand coordination.

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  • The Army uses its handful of 212s in Belize and Brunei in training support, FAME and liaison and the RAF use its Bell 412s in either the SAR role (HAR2, Cyprus) or mutli engine training (HT1 Shawbury).

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