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  • Health Level 7


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Initialism of Health Level 7.


  • ` ` To allow healthcare identifiers to work within the constraints of environments expecting an OID, such as HL7 v3 and (the upcoming) HL7 Clinical Document Architecture, we will provide a bi-directional arc using the (14-digit OID number) that sits under an Australian Government Healthcare arc, '' it says. | Top Stories

  • Combining standards, such as HL7, with sophisticated rules processing systems significantly reduces administrative costs in the hospital revenue cycle.


  • We are working with a long standing client at a top tier hospital that is in need of a candidate with specific knowledge in Cerner technologies and messaging standards such as HL7 - News

  • • Experience with a messaging data transport protocol such as HL7 would be desired.

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  • Standards such as HL7 v. 3 could go a long way to solving these problems, but without a formal mandate from the government that such standards be used in any cases in which the government has some interest, HL7 will only be adopted in fits and starts, and usually in ways that make the standard a pseudostandard ripe for the rise of "Value Added Resellers" who exist only to transform one company's HL7 to another, taking a cut of the transaction each time.

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  • Shuttleworth's endorsement of Amazon EC2 APIs comes as the battle for cloud inter-operability take shape, even though the relative immaturity of the industry means that a clear inter-operability standard analogous to healthcare's HL7 protocol is months or even years away.

    Arnal Dayaratna: Canonical Founder Endorses Amazon Web Services APIs As Standard Cloud API

  • Unfortunately the interchange of data and functions is quite limited, surprising because there are ample open-source tools, e.g. HL7 data protocols, well-established coding systems (SNOMED, ICD-9 AND -10) and system-neutral data and function exchange software (XML-RPC, SOAP, REST) that can be used to create electronic interoperability.

    Google Health Begins Its Preseason at Cleveland Clinic - Bits Blog -

  • Strong experience with full life cycle development of HL7 messages

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  • This team is growing and in need of a senior HL7 interface analyst/programmer with experience integrating with the Ensemble engine.

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  • • Interoperability initiatives such as HL7, CDA, IHE profiles

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