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  • Please, if anyone was in HMM-164 on 30 July 1967 and knows what happened go to the Pop-A-Smoke KIA incidents and post a short narrative about the mission.

    Biscailuz, Robert L.

  • HMM, KP may have been nappin when OUR Local Stud, A. Brooks tore us a new one in the playoffs, now we get another old guy ....

    It's Miller time (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • HMM, if they knew why didn't they tell his wife, I guess his seat in the house was more important to them. stimulous Vs, stimulated

    Report: Senator tried to stop colleague's affair

  • HMM, can the male folks also view what the females think and are saying concerning them? am saying is it open for male viewing. keep it up, stands tobenna

    The V- Monologue 2009 Performances

  • Bill (Gunnery Captain of the Left Hand Gun, HMM Plunderer), while not exactly obese, nor could a disinterested observer call him him rotund, was nevertheless the sort of man who'd never be caught by a famine unprepared.

    The Plunderer

  • The weather today leaves a lot to be desired – cold, windy, pouring rain – as a result, attendance this morning was a lighter than the SRO+ that has been the rule at recent HMM meet-ups.

    March NH Media Makers

  • HMM something to chew on while you enjoy your life which your mother chose to not murder ...

    Campaigning in Kentucky, Clinton hears sermon on infidelity

  • HMM? well Proven claims for herbal and Vitamins are not allowed to be made, in fact quoting USDA research proving cherries to help arthritis and gout actually had cherry growers fined, web pages closed and people threatened with loss of income production and livelihood.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Follow On About PET FOOD INGREDIENTS, UGLY!!

  • Her majesty fumbled a little last night and showed some cracks, so what does HMM (Her Majesty's Memo) do?

    Poll: Hillary Way Ahead Among Dems, Rudy Leading Slightly With Republicans

  • Obama has a meeting schedule with Edwards, there's a conflict, and its immediately granted front page status on TPM with a giant HMM ... and then when the meeting occurs its titled as 'Kissing the Ring'??

    Obama Meets With John Edwards


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