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  • There are even alternative "HMOs" - networks of nontraditional providers that sell services to big employers and individuals.


  • And so, the problem, though, is that people right now are addicted to what I would call HMOs and things like that, and it keeps them from using these types of plans.

    CNN Transcript Sep 19, 2007

  • The ideas they've put forward as ways of reducing the budget are either totally off the wall in terms of what any health economist would tell you, or things that won't save money -- like putting more people into HMOs, which is already taking place and which June O'Neill, the Director of the CBO, has already said that there's not a lot of evidence that we're going to save a lot of big money.

    Shalala Tyson Et Al Briefing On Medicare And Medicaid

  • The amount of overtreatment and waste generated by the prevailing third-party system is suggested by the financial performance of a very different system: the so-called HMOs such as Kaiser-Permanente and Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound.

    Overtreatment: An Exchange

  • * The story behind the creation of the HMOs is a classic illustration of how the unintended consequences of government policies provide a justification for further expansions of government power.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • I don't know how many people I've heard -- I saw a nurse once who was trying to explain to me what she had to go through calling HMOs to get approval for health procedures that the doctor for whom she worked wished to perform that were blatantly self-evident, and how many times she'd been turned down, and how many times it was her unhappy duty to go tell the patient that once again he or she had been shafted.

    Remarks By The President At Patients Bill Of Rights Event

  • Looking out for everybody is a tough job but cost effectiveness analysts claim they are up to the task as apparently did Dr. David Eddy in a series of articles in JAMA over ten years ago that proposed that type of planning and control within the context of health care entities such as HMOs, a topic I wrote about here expressing my opposition to Eddy's philosophy.

    Proposal to spend 1.1 billion to save money and lives

  • I also have to agree with John that by having third-party payers such as HMOs and insurance companies pay for medical care, people are insulated from the financial consequences of their bad health decisions.

    No More Aspirin, Please

  • Enthoven and Kronick believe that the competitive standard for qualified plans, and thus the limits for tax deductibility, will be set by managed care plans such as HMOs and PPOs.

    Markets and Majorities

  • The HMOs were a revolutionary force, calling attention to wasteful practices of the old insurers, wherein procedures that could be performed in 15 minutes in a doctor’s office often required a day or two of hospitalization.

    Economic Principals


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