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  • n. Initialism of hexamethylene triperoxide diamine: a high explosive


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  • And what they're talking specifically about are TATP and HMTD, which is triacetone triperoxide and hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, OK?

    CNN Transcript Sep 15, 2009

  • BARRY: This may be very difficult, because they're using HMTD, which is hexamethylene triperoxide diamine.

    CNN Transcript Sep 5, 2007

  • In searches during raids, the police discovered what they said were the necessary components to make a highly volatile liquid explosive known as HMTD, jihadist materials, receipts of Western Union money transfers, seven martyrdom videos made by six suspects and the last will and testament of a would-be bomber, senior British officials said.

    NYT article censored by NYT: Details Emerge in British Terror Case « raincoaster

  • Sonne also said police, in order to obtain a second search warrant, falsely claimed that Sonne had an explosive compound known as HMTD as well as a home-made detonator at his house.

    CBC | Top Stories News

  • The detonator was made from a light bulb, wire, aluminium foil and a high explosive called HMTD, the inquest heard. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Prosecutors said the plotters planned to use the HMTD to detonate a peroxide-based explosive in soda bottles.

    Three Guilty in U.K. Jet Bomb Plot

  • Memory sticks found in Mr. Sarwar's home contained information about detonating improvised explosive devices on aircraft, while in woods nearby police found a partially buried suitcase containing materials necessary to manufacture hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, or HMTD, and several dozen liters of hydrogen peroxide.

    Three Guilty in U.K. Jet Bomb Plot

  • As for these "explosives" we are not talking HMTD, the kind of thing terrorists use - but at most material that could be used in thunderflashes.

    Art Car Parade: The Emperor's New Car

  • BARRY: HMTD and TATP is a favorite peroxide-based, two favorite peroxide-based explosives used in the Middle East.

    CNN Transcript Sep 5, 2007

  • The TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide), DADP (diacetone diperoxide) or the less sensitive HMTD (hexamethylene triperoxide diamine) liquid explosives were reportedly to be made on the planes by mixing sports drinks with a peroxide-based household gel, to be detonated using an MP3 player or mobile phone.

    Ex-UK intel official says liquid explosive claims 'fiction'


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