from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A diacritical mark (ˇ) that resembles an inverted circumflex and is used over certain letters, such as č, to indicate quality of pronunciation.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Czech háček, diminutive of hák, hook, from Middle High German hāken, from Old High German hāko; see keg- in Indo-European roots.


  • Denham might be a better fit, perhaps - he has obvious strong interest in the CJS and especially the more practical side of the HO's former work, and, well, he's had fifteen years in the House, as opposed to Byrne's mere three.

    Who Will Gordon Pick?

  • I can guess where this stupid idea came from, the same person most of HO's stupid ideas, including the cringe worthy Polly Toynbee fiasco, originate from.

    EXCLUSIVE: Tories Want Dyke to Fight as a Joint LibDem/Tory Candidate

  • And speaking of HolyOffice and guffaws in the same post, you need to read HO's "The Internet Theologian Explains the Da Vinci Code", which goes beyond mere guffaw into "Oh, look, I just wet myself laughing" territory.

    Mirathon Miscellany: Blog Browsing Goodies

  • Plus you were correct, Nevada's HO's are nastier than AZ's HO's.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • On a number of critical issues, HO's response rebuts aspects of the LSE report without providing alternative data for example, on assumptions relating to population data, card loss and damage rates and the card replacement rates due to change in personal circumstances.


  • Does ANYONE believe that the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin GROUPIES would have ANY political clout if you news media HO's weren't providing these extremist nutcases with undo attention?

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • The economy is getting worse every day and HO's hoes try to spin it around each day.

    Yahoo! Buzz US: Top Stories

  • I went back to the main stage for HO's set and they were loud, but the crowd was really into them and that always makes a show better.


  • Myers does admit that it was "NO ACCIDENT" that B HO's first televised interview was on an Arab channel.

    Right in a Left World

  • Susan J. Crawford who withdrew the charges, that she followed B HO's desires is just too obvious.

    Right in a Left World


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