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  • proper n. Hibernate Query Language.


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  • I can already auto generate my hibernate domain entities using Hibernate Tools either from Eclipse or Ant. Plus, Hibernate tools comes with an HQL query editor as well. News

  • Q Life Sciences Investors (NYSE: HQL) is a closed-end fund that invests in public and private companies in the life sciences industry.

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  • Gert Franz said: @Barney: Well they already have, with HQL and the Amazon S3 integration.


  • Another enhancement is the ability to specify HQL as a dbtype in the cfquery tag.


  • Luckily there's an easy way to solve that problem; our filter provides us with methods of specifying parameters to be used by the HQL query. full roast blend

  • The HQL query string has an implicit FROM clause, so we can leave that out. full roast blend

  • What we want to do in this situation is to only retrieve those Content objects with a column value of 1, so we just specify that in the HQL WHERE clause. full roast blend

  • Use an HQL query with criteria that returns a set of Content objects for a given Page and column. full roast blend

  • Page. getContents () and the second is an HQL query string. full roast blend

  • Or you can make everything lazy and do all ops with HQL, which would be as "perfect" as SQL, but with all the downsides and more, so don't do that.

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