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  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, (HTTP Secure) an encrypted form of information transfer on the internet.


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  • #HTTPS to HTTP RewriteEngine On RewriteBase/RewriteCond % {ENV: HTTPS} on [NC] RewriteRule


  • Specifically, the group is asking Google to use a standard encryption technology, known as HTTPS, that is commonly used by online banks and other Web sites to protect users 'data while in transit.

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  • Some web publishers use HTTPS security on sensitive parts of their sites, such as login pages or checkout pages where users might type in credit card information, but security researchers say it's safest to just use HTTPS, which is also called Secure Socket Layer or SSL, throughout the site.

  • A year ago, if your site wasn't using a web security protocol called HTTPS, the only folks likely to complain were hacking program released in October that demonstrated how easy it is to grab users' private data from the public WiFi networks commonly found at coffee shops and bookstores.

  • Default SNMP passwords that are widely known, said the researcher, while SNMP itself is based on HTTPS, which is vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks.

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  • Forefront TMG 2010 introduced a feature called HTTPS inspection, which allows inspecting

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  • TMG, however, has x-ray vision, enabling it to look inside SSL encrypted traffic, a feature known as HTTPS Outbound Inspection.

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  • Now what if the HTTPS is a different directory then HTTP.

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  • The network infrastructure is already there, and you can secure the transfer of data with existing protocols, such as HTTP over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), known as HTTPS; File Transfer Protocol over SSL (FTPS); and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

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  • [code] if (! isset ($_SERVER [ 'HTTPS'])) if ($_SERVER [ "HTTPS"] = = "on") $secure_connection = true; else header ( "Location: index. php");


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