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  • proper n. A name used by many Jews in ordinary conversation to refer to God


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Hebrew השם ("the Name")


  • Being born-again is the adoption that Paul spoke of which gives me the legal right to call HaShem my Father and for him to call me son; within this legal right is the liberty to refer to HaShem in the fullness of His name (s) and titles without fear of offending Him.

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  • “Baruch HaShem!” the Rav sang out, raising his hands in the air and looking up at the ceiling.

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  • She made her first appearance on the Yiddish stage in 1929, playing the role of a child in a production of Sholem Asch's "Kiddush HaShem" at Maurice Schwartz's Yiddish Art Theater.

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  • So when she sent me an email with the details of her son's bris, in Long Island at 9 a.m., the Sunday after Thanksgiving, it would take an act of HaShem himself to keep me from going.

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  • As to the Exodus stuff, I kind of feel like it's commentary I read in a Hagaddah on "vyotzianu HaShem miMitzraim...lo al yedei malakh..."

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  • On his first coming he provided the blood atonement for sin which opened up a way for believers to have close relationship with HaShem and receive salvation as Yeshua's name implied.

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  • Does HaShem do today what is written of as having been accomplished in canonical times?

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  • Sarah Connor and compatriots then visit a diamond dealer named Moishe with a background in Rabbinics and the study of Torah, who believes HaShem has a plan for everyone, and in his case it is diamonds.

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  • At our Chabad shul on the toilet doors there IS a prayer! it is all about thanking HaShem for making all those parts work!

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  • Also, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Shlita said, “Very soon, HaShem will perform many gigantic miracles for Am Israel”.

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