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  • n. A computer other than a Macintosh that has been configured to run the Macintosh operating system.


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Blend of hack and Macintosh


  • You might have heard of the term "Hackintosh" before: a word that uber-geeks carry around with them as if to say "I made this, this is my badge to wear," a Hackintosh is a PC that has been built to run Mac OS.

  • Build a Hackintosh Mac for Under $800 - If the high price tag for Apple hardware has kept you from buying a Mac but you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get adventurous, you can build your own "Hackintosh" - a PC that runs a patched version of OS X Leopard.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • So do countless other folks who turn to the so-called Hackintosh project that puts Apple's operating system on common PC hardware.

  • We've walked through how to install OS X on non-Mac PC hardware-commonly referred to as a Hackintosh-a couple of times before, but with video walkthroughs of every step of the process, it's never been easier to build a Hackintosh Mac and install OS X.


  • Last year, our own Rob Griffiths showed us how to build a "Frankenmac," (aka a Hackintosh, or x86 Mac) for about $1000.

  • Sales of netbooks suggest lots of consumers like the form factor, and demand for an Apple netbook is high enough that some users make their own so-called Hackintosh systems.


  • Jason Walsh explains why he bought Dell Mini and made a 'Hackintosh' of it rather than waiting for Apple's new mobile computer.

    Low End Mac

  • 'Hackintosh' of it rather than waiting for Apple's new mobile computer.,

    Low End Mac

  • "Hackintosh" thing, which is quite possibly the logical equivalent to "Build a PC".

    Interoperability Happens

  • Jason bought a Dell Mini 10v, which he says is an ideal 'Hackintosh' netbook, and reports that nstalling Mac OS X was a breeze - requiring only a retail copy of Snow Leopard, access to a Mac, a small download from the Net, and a 16 GB USB flash drive.


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