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  • adj. Of or relating to the Hakka people
  • proper n. A Chinese dialect spoken by Hakka people


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  • As for 'mainland' being a KMT-sourced phrase, didn't the Taiwanese born Hakkanese author also use the phrase 'mainland' in his book 'Orphan of Asia'?

    Taipei Times Channels Me

  • I'll admit 'Tangshan' is a new one on me, all I'm going on is Wu Zhuoliu's (a Hakkanese Taiwanese) use of 'dalu' in the Chinese version of his book 'Orphan of Asia' (which was itself originally published in Japanese).

    Taipei Times Channels Me

  • Does that benefit speakers of Taiwanese, Hakkanese and other languages who don't even care much about romanization themselves?

    Swearing and Clueless Taiwan Judges

  • Just as Japanese and Arabic require different systems, so too do Mandarin, Hakkanese, Hoklo, and each indigenous language.

    Swearing and Clueless Taiwan Judges

  • Forcing children to learn the Fujian dialect as a requirement in school even though they are Hakkanese or only speak Mandarin.

    ESWN on Taiwan in the Chinese Press.

  • Like how he also uses KMT tricks to pit the Hokklo speakers against the Hakkanese, Han and aboriginals?

    Lien Chan is back.

  • 5 I have to second the first commenter, the Hakkanese in Miaoli were solidly KMT, people there often talked about the role they had played in crushing a particular rebellion against the emperor as an example of their perfidiousness - but I cannot remember the exact details.

    This Restaurant Doesn't Serve Chinese Tourists and Taiwanese Traitors


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