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  • n. Alternative form of Halloween.


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  • The taste in Hallowe'en festivities now is to study old traditions, and hold a Scotch party, using Burns's poem _Hallowe'en_ as a guide; or to go a-souling as the English used.

    The Book of Hallowe'en

  • They brought with them their ancient Celtic customs, among them the feast of Samhain, which, as good Catholics, they now called Hallowe'en.

    Donna Henes: Doing Death Before it Does Us

  • It's a shame, really – just as he's finally got the hang of the scar, and is looking less like a Hallowe'en mask and more like a man who's been truly injured.

    Margaret Atwood | Underbrush Man

  • Overall coordination occurs out of the Contra Costal County Library at 1750 Oak Park Blvd, Pleasnat Hill, … qualities – communities – literacies: Hallowe'en Readings

    Literacy News – 112th Edition « News « Literacy News

  • Now that we're all in the mood, let's sit back and enjoy two horrifying Hallowe'en nightmares, stitched together from the corpses of insane thoughts in my own brain, cooked up in a big black cauldron just for you.

    Chris Weigant: Horrifying Hallowe'en Tales, Left And Right

  • Gather 'round, ghosts and goblins, for our annual Hallowe'en tales to turn your blood cold, whether you hail from the Left or the Right side of our metaphorical political divide.

    Chris Weigant: Horrifying Hallowe'en Tales, Left And Right

  • My little sister simply cannot be growing up this fast - I still have photos of the two of us (at 3 and 6, respectively) all dressed up in our Hallowe'en garb before putting on winter coats (it was snowing, after all!) and trolling our street for candy!

    Fridays and Fruitcake

  • I know that when they're fully grown they won't be "pie-friendly", but I may be able to steal the seeds out of them and at the very least we'll have our very own "Pumpkin Kings" for Hallowe'en!

    Take A Walk

  • The Hallowe'en stuff has been out in stores near me for a good week now, probably longer, and tonight all the spiffy new outfits for the big "first day" are laid out for the all too early alarm clock's rude awakening.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • While the blog post is quite obviously meant as a semi-joke, wouldn't this have been more fun in, say, mid-October -- a few weeks before Hallowe'en?

    Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points -- Zombie Attack!


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