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  • proper noun A rare spelling variant of Hallie, diminutive of the female given name Harriet.


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  • "As a team, they were yin and yang," said Halland "Hally" Juell, 57, Birger's son. - News

  • '' We were moving on from last year where our forward line was 'Hally' [Barry Hall] and Mickey O'Loughlin, who were champion players for us, but I think what has happened this year with all the players going through the forward line, is it created for us an air of unpredictability up there.

    The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines

  • So, Bigelow getting statues is like squealing Hally Berry getting an oscar - just because she was a black woman actress. * barf*

    The 2010 BAFTA Film Awards | /Film

  • In “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” he virtually sacrifices himself for the sake of what “Hally wants,” the Vera Miles character; that is, for schools (public schools), public works (irrigation) and, yes, regulation, with cattle barons “north of the picket wire” doing duty for the terrors caused by unregulated big oil and big banks nowadays.

    Tea Party as Western movie

  • Does Hally thing she owns the democratic party of America, will this do her any good if she help mccain win the general election, Hillary is not only fighting Obama but the entire democratic party.

    Angry Clinton supporters tell party leaders: 'Let's go McCain!'

  • Or you're celebrating the oft-overlooked "Hally Days":

    Seasoning's Greetings

  • One thing about it...they could more than do without Hally Berry though i'd hate it if she weren't affordable, though I'd wager her price tag may have gone down in the past couple years.

    Filmstalker: X-Men 4?

  • ROBYN HORTON, OWNER, DOGS HALEY & CONNOR: When I first got Hally I lost automatically like five pounds because I was hiking and walking all of the time.

    CNN Transcript Jul 30, 2006

  • Featuring the sounds of Yerzmyey on the Spectrum, Nullsleep on the NES, Vim on the VIC20, Paul Slocum on the Atari 2600, Bit Shifter on the GameBoy, Goto80 on the C64, Dma-Sc on the Atari ST, and Hally on the X68000, there is only one way to celebrate the holidays right this year, and this is it.

    Boing Boing: December 21, 2003 - December 27, 2003 Archives

  • This year he spent all his lunches with a blind student, Mike Hally, and regularly helped him get to class. - USA's best of 2 sports worlds


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