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  • proper noun A patronymic surname.


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From Hancock + the patronymic suffix -s.


  • Hancock was OK but it was obvious that the reason the movie seemed disjointed is because of the last minute reshoots, the eagle obvously had a important role in Hancocks life but we never got a chance to find out why (cutting room floor?), Remember Hancock says to Charlize brother and sister don't kiss like that but in the film the kiss never happened she tosses him out before their lips met, and when she showed up at his trailor she was dressed for battle dark costume and eye liner, the elemental reaction when they are together, remember she also stated that that they are opposite and he was built as an insurance policy to be a hero, so she must be evil, remember in the teaser Bateman says "good hancock make it look hard" not in the movie though.

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  • Off I went to Hancocks, which is the only sewing store I can drive to without making it a day trip and making baby-sitting arrangements for the Westie-dog who has been with me all day long, every day of her life since we got her except for when we've kenneled for a business trip.

    The Stitchery

  • CNN's Paula Hancocks reports on a property tussle in Jerusalem that has wider implications for the region.

    POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: August 03, 2009

  • She was the youngest daughter of the distinguished Colonel Joseph May, who had won his rank in the War of Independence, and Dorothy Sewall May, a cousin of the Quincys and the Hancocks.

    Louisa May Alcott

  • Maybe it would of kicked Hancocks and Hellboy 2 's ass.

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  • BTW - The Wackness also kicks Hancocks ass with a better story, character development, and - dare I say it - just an all-around more entertaining movie to walk away from.

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  • Yes, we all know that the day is about independence and an aversion to colonialism, but what was that sacred parchment to which our founders affixed their John Hancocks really all about, and why is it relevant today?

    American Sketches

  • Abigail was delighted with the "Noisy, Busy town," where she could read four different newspapers a week and socialize with Boston's most influential families, including the Hancocks.

    History of American Women

  • **Someone told us that when community members signed in for the meeting, they also were putting their "John Hancocks" on a "petition of support", this gets more interesting.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • I pretty much have to buy them online or at the Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, though, because JoAnns and Hancocks have very little, if any.

    And How - A Dress A Day


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