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  • proper n. A patronymic surname.


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From a Middle English given name derived from Johan, variant of John, or less often from Henry or Randolph.


  • We got to share stage space with Railroad Earth, one of my favorite bands of all time, and we got to rock the stage with EOTO (Jason Hann & Michael Travis from String Cheese Incident) together. | Blog | GroovinMeGzz: Inside The Hoop

  • Michael Hann at the Guardian makes fun of himself in this regard, in an article about how surprised he was to find that Clint Eastwood's latest film, Gran Torino, is not in fact a mature, reflective elegy about a grandmother in Turin, but instead tells ofa crotchety old racist and a car.

    Reacting to what is not there

  • You voted for Michael Hann to sit down in front of Layer Cake; what happened when you joined him 9pm?

    Watch Layer Cake: live!

  • Daniel wiped the floor with both Judy and Vinnie, scoring 51% of the vote, so from 9pm, when the credits roll on Fiver, Film & Music editor Michael Hann will be on the blog tapping out his thoughts.

    Watch Layer Cake: live!

  • Not that exciting, really.8.40pm: "When Pompey and Leeds spent themselves into administration, they at least did it by spending on Defoe, Ferdinand and the like," writes my colleague Michael Hann.

    Transfer window deadline day 2012 – as it happened

  • Bargain for Wanderers9.14pm: "Re Michael Hann & QPR," writes Rich Lloyd.

    Transfer window deadline day 2012 – as it happened

  • Michael Hann Cravo & Canela Estúpido Cupido A glorious, slinky reworking of Neil Sedaka's Stupid Cupid, recorded in Salvador, Brazil, in the late 1970s by a band whose identities are largely unknown; the vocals are by two ladies known simply as Fabiola and Vera.

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  • Hann can also offer the Mesopotamia tour that goes through Kurdistan to Baghdad, with excursions to Basra and tours of Saddam's palace.

    Hugh Muir's diary

  • Stick with Hann, and you can join a party to Afghanistan – sensibly bypassing Helmand province.

    Hugh Muir's diary

  • Highlighting the issue, Hann says: Are virtual online chips actually property that can be stolen?

    Regulators of online poker have been dealt a tough hand


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