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  • Carthaginian general who attempted to establish military dominance on the Iberian Peninsula during the Second Punic War but was defeated by Roman forces (209).

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  • noun general who commanded a Carthaginian army in Spain; joined his brother Hannibal in Italy and was killed by the Romans at the battle of Metaurus River (died 207 BC)


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  • There is one other cat - he hid from my camera today - who is called Bait, but is really name Hasdrubal the Handsome.

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  • “Hear, King Moloch!” called Hasdrubal, lifting his swarthy arms to heaven, then striking them with his sword till the blood gushed down, “suffer us to escape this calamity and I vow thee even my daughter Tibaït, — a child in her tenth year, — she shall die in thy holy furnace a sacrifice.”

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  • “Follow! follow!” called Hasdrubal, dashing Phormio aside with the flat of his blade.

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  • Total oil and gas production was 56.4 million barrels — a slight decline of 0.4% year-to-year as higher U.S. production and higher output from the Hasdrubal field in Tunisia were offset by the biennial planned maintenance shutdown of the Karachaganak field in Kazakhstan and the unplanned shutdown of the Panna/Mukta field in India.

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  • Next up are Siddhartha, Hasdrubal, Montezuma, John of Gaunt, and finally my lifelong dream: Diocletian.

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  • Recently—too recently for the information to be included in "Carthage Must Be Destroyed"—the site of the Battle of Baecula in 208 B.C., where Scipio Africanus defeated a Carthaginian army under Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal, was discovered in Spain.

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  • Hasdrubal McNulticlar, a Carthaginian circus impresario, apparently leased Hannibal the elephants he used to cross the Alps.

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  • There were several dudes of this level named Hasdrubal.

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  • I guess Hasdrubal needed supervision or something.

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  • The scenario claims Hasdrubal was in the thick of the battle, charging with the heavy cavalry, and managing not to die, or even get all that close to dying.

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