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  • proper n. A religious group who used hashish to create mystic visions; they later became associated with the assassination of invading Christian leaders during the Crusades; their descendants are the Khojas.


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Arabic hashish smokers


  • The group was the Hashshashin sect (the word assassin came from Hashshashin).

    Now or Never!! Pakistan must change its position on the "war on terror".

  • Now I'm hoping to meet a harem girl or maybe a lady Hashshashin at tonight's Halloween party.

    Dreaming of the presidential candidates.

  • And his account of Hashshashin is totally off, and his belief that Shi`ites act from an impulse of a cult of death is contradicted by evidence: he needs to read Robert Pape's Dying to Win.

    Thursday, December 14, 2006

  • In fact, there is no evidence that As-Sabbah actually killed anybody, and will not get into whether the Hashshashin were really intoxicated.

    Sunday, April 30, 2006

  • The script, clearly written by committee, introduces a few genuine elements: Alamut was a real city, although not a holy one, and Dastan and Tamina are pursued by the Hashshashin, the cult of assassins whose name may be related to "hashish."

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  • This villain is of course the master of the Hashshashin from Kurt Busiek's brilliant "Camelot Falls" storyline from his run on "Superman."

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  • The Hashshashin survive as an underground society into the modern era.

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