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  • proper n. One of the 'daughters' of Ra, who personified the principles of love, beauty, music, motherhood and joy. Also known as the 'eye of Ra'.

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  • n. In Egypt, myth., a divinity, the female counterpart of Osiris, patroness of the cow: usually represented with the head and horns of a cow surmounted with the solar disk.


From Egyptian Ḥwt Ḥr ("Mansion of Horus") (Wiktionary)


  • I'm still trying to decide whether Hathor is hawt or just ridiculous, especially later once she gets more, um, comfortable.

    Stargate SG-1 Watchathon - 'Hathor'

  • The two objects suspended from the belt between the heads recall Hathor's sistra 153

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • Idalia, whom in this land ye name Hathor, and she bade me go forth and do her will.

    The World's Desire

  • Lady, the Goddess of Love, she, whom in Egypt you name Hathor, has made me her slave, so that I no longer think of pomp or power or wealth, or of other women, but of you and you only.

    Morning Star

  • The Egyptians called her Hathor, Quaddesha and Aset.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • But the earliest extant building in the compound today is the Mammisi raised by Nectanebo II - last of the native pharaohs (360-343 BC) The main features are the Temple of the birth of Isis, Scared Lake, Sanatorium, Mammisi of Nectanebo II, Christian Basilica, Roman Mammisi, a Bark shine, Gateways of Domitian & Trajan and the Roman Kiosk - but the all overshadowing building in the Complex is the main temple, namely Hathor temple. and the Dendera Zodiac came from there ...

    BC Bloggers

  • He threw the "Hathor" as it chanced, the lucky cast, two sixes, and a thought of better fortune came to him.

    The World's Desire

  • The two objects suspended from the belt between the heads recall Hathor's sistra.]

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • Khem and thou wert with it, and with thee she who is called the Hathor, that Goddess whom thou desirest. "

    The World's Desire

  • There will we talk with her who is called the Hathor, and prepare our flight, and thence thou shalt go to that ship which thou hast made ready. "

    The World's Desire


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