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  • n. A traditional housewife.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Borrowing from German.


  • "Hausfrau" only, are beginning to accord the woman artist due recognition.

    Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission

  • I wonder why it is the least attractive people in the world who are most eager to expose their nakedness, anyone who has seen a German Hausfrau sunbathing naked in Spain or in the Englishgarden in Munich knows exactly what I mean.

    David Lloyd's Names

  • First lady Laura Bush makes appearances, planning the No President Left Behind Foundation while she smashes a Dresden doll from that "Hausfrau, Angela Merkel" and chides an off-screen husband: "George, have you shot another genetically altered deer?"

    Satire to Die For

  • But since day care is almost unknown in Germany, a Mutter must drop her job and become a Hausfrau.

    Be Kinder To Your 'Kinder'

  • Suburban Hausfrau and VLB5757 -- Looks like a post on Dublin Dr. Pepper is in order!

    Homesick Texan holiday gift guide | Homesick Texan

  • Cinnamon, a professional Hausfrau and part-time argumentative, cynical, right-wing anarchist hippy feminst bitch.

    Sexism in the Blogosphere

  • The Little Gawd of the Oval Office and the First Hausfrau had to actually sit there and endure a wee bit o truth to power.

    Firedoglake » Truthiness in a Tux

  • I remembered his nicknames for her: "Simple Cipher," "The Headless Hausfrau," "Blonde Cow.", eaWhat the hell is going on inside that sick, sorry son of a bitcli's head?

    Cat & Mouse

  • Even if the dumpy little Hausfrau were willing to switch places with her, it was quite certain that the Herr would not allow it, suspecting some obscure lowering of status.

    The Cruise of a Deathtime

  • Our hostess is the widow of a German physician, and her fair young daughter, alert and capable as the typical _Hausfrau_ of her native land, has established a reputation for supplying the guests with the home comforts and restful atmosphere which make the Hotel Rupert an ideal abiding-place in stagnant Java, where as a rule the sole luxuries are out-of-doors, and of Nature's providing.

    Through the Malay Archipelago


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