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  • n. Plural form of Haytian.


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  • "Faith, ye're roight, sor; we'd betther count noses an 'have the job over," returned Garry, _sotto voce_, singing out in a louder key to the survivors of the fray, who were grouped in the waist about the mainmast, where the remaining Haytians who had not been killed outright were tied up feet to the wrists, as the skipper had told Colonel Vereker when he came up.

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • There was evidently a struggle going on in Colonel Vereker's mind between his desire to do his duty, as he thought, to the dying man, and his natural anxiety to be on deck participating in all the excitement of the chase after the runaway ship and the coming fight with the Haytians, when the black rascals would be called to a final account for all the misery and bloodshed they had caused.

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • But the Haytians, sir, had evidently had enough of us for that evening, making no further attempts to attack us as the hours wore on.

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • Englishman, caught up a long hand-spike, bigger than himself, and with it knocked down two of the Haytians to his own cheek.

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • Colonel Vereker, rendered almost frantic with grief and excitement, and noticing the appalling evidences of the Haytians 'triumph, while we stared aghast at each other.

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • Haytians see what we were up to, as, to the best of our belief, they had no inkling of your proximity; so we were puzzling our brains how to let you learn our need in some quiet way, when little Mr Johnson suggested our burning a devil, composed of wet gunpowder piled up in the form of a cone.

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • Alas! though, in a second, while the whole lot of them all had their backs turned to the Haytians, these demons, grasping the opportunity in a moment, rushed up on the poop by the port-ladder way, now unguarded!

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • Well, then, on my friend Captain Alphonse putting the matter in the way he did, to make an end of my story, I held back, and all that day -- it was last Saturday -- we remained on the defensive, we five holding the after part of the ship, and the Haytians and mutineers of our crew the forecastle.

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • "Who are you that feel so much for the exterminated Haytians?"

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 19, No. 538, March 17, 1832

  • City; thence overland to the great inland tobacco-mart of Santiago; and so back to Puerto Plata and Monte Christo, where the commission ceased its labors, being discouraged by the Haytians from an exploration within their domain; while Mr. Hazard, resuming his capacity of private citizen, took his life in his hand and ventured into the proud Mumbo-Jumbo republic.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 11, No. 25, April, 1873


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