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  • proper n. An ethnic people from central Afghanistan
  • proper n. A person belonging to this ethnic group.


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  • The Hazara are the same ethnic group made famous in The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini.

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  • Hazara girls sing Hazaragi Parsi song --- it would be considered an insult to even mistakenly call a Hazara an afghan or afghan since afghan is a wrong name for our country imposed by the british and its the identity of one minor ethnic group in southern parts of Afghanistan and besides the term afghan is associated with terrorist terrorism, suicide bombing, pedophilia, homosexuality drug and opium cultivation and smuggling so no one in the right state of mind would claim and associate with the term afghan when he has nothing to do with it. - Articles related to Karzai and Cameron discuss peace

  • The word "Hazara" is simply the Persian word for "thousand", and one popular myth describes Hazaras as descendants of 1000-man companies of troops that accompanied the Mongol conquests of Central | Top Stories

  • "Hazara" means "the thousand people," a likely reference to an ancient 1,000-man Mongol military unit that invaded Afghanistan. - News

  • The old Taliban regime was dominated by Pashtun clerics from southern Kandahar province, and discriminated against the Shiite Hazara community and other minorities.

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  • The Taliban's traditional foes, especially among the former Northern Alliance of ethnic Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara militias, dismiss any talk of the Taliban's new moderation as insidious propaganda designed to weaken the West's resolve in the war.

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  • "How can you have peace negotiations with people who believe neither in peace nor in negotiations?" wondered Mohammed Mohaqeq, a peace-council member and a strongman of the ethnic Hazara community.

    Talks Court Afghan Insurgents

  • It's hard to comprehend how the U.S. would fail to forecast that its enthusiasm for a Taliban power-sharing arrangement might trigger angst amongst the warlords of the Hazara, Tajik and Uzbek minority groups in the north.

    Michael Hughes: Saving Afghanistan Requires Smashing Dangerous Delusions

  • The manner in which the aristocratic Amir was held up above his Hazara servant smacks of the sort of paternalistic classism that plagues so much of the world and turned me against him so much that I did not care at all about Amir's journey to America and budding relationship with a young girl.

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  • Shakeel said the victims were heading to nearby Hazara town when the assailants ambushed the minibus before fleeing.

    Gunmen kill 11 Shiite Muslims in Pakistan


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