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  • adj. Of, or relating to Donald Hebb or his theories and techniques.


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Hebb +‎ -ian


  • This mechanism is called Hebbian learning for Donald Hebb, the Canadian psychologist who proposed it in 1949.

    World Wide Mind

  • Now called Hebbian learning, it's often expressed as a situation in which 'neurons that fire together wire together.'"

    Slashdot: Science

  • But as we know from our discussion of Hebbian learning, neurons that fire together wire together.

    World Wide Mind

  • The brain learns, because of this Hebbian associative link, that the mere command to move the arm creates a sensation of a paralyzed arm, and then, when you've amputated the arm, this learned paralysis carries over into the -- into your body image and into your phantom, OK?

    VS Ramachandran on your mind

  • This process—the root of all synaptic learning—goes by the name “Hebbian learning,” after the Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb, who first proposed the model in 1949.

    Mind Wide Open

  • Hebbian learning hedonism heights, fear of heroin hippocampus

    Mind Wide Open

  • Such background processing is partly innate and partly learned, and we discuss possible correlational Hebbian learning mechanisms.

    The Title of this Blog

  • Watch how Hebbian workers rewire their brains for routines that kill incentives, limit focus or even shrink their brains. News

  • For example, by stimulating two areas of the brain in a paired pulse fashion, one can actually induce a form of Hebbian learning (known as paired associate stimulation).

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Self Organization Network Learning … • Hebbian associationism • based on concurrency • Back propagation • based on desired outcome • Boltzman • based on 'settling', annealing

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