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  • n. Plural form of Hegelian.


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  • One cannot count on Jacques Martinez to sing the bad pean to the «death» or «decrepitude» of art, this « thing of the past , like the Sunday Hegelians -- he doesn't believe in it anymore than he does, say, in the death of human beings 'desire for transcendence.

    Bernard-Henri Lévy: Run to See Jacques Martinez

  • For Hegelians, the State is almighty, and seen as "the march of God on earth."

    This Nation Needs a Fighter in the White House, not a Gabber and Glad-Hander

  • Considering the question whether either ˜The King of France is bald™ or ˜The King of France is not bald™ is true or false in the absence of a present King of France, Russell wittily observes that ˜Hegelians™ will conclude that he wears a wig.

    Francis Herbert Bradley

  • As Marx wrote about the young Hegelians, they believed that change meant merely changing the consciousness of the oppressed.

    Things Are Not as They Seem

  • Liberals, today's young Hegelians, are about changing the consciousness of the oppressed.

    Things Are Not as They Seem

  • You will need to understand that behind even the kindness of Rome could be Hegelians and most likely is Hegelians.

    His Lordship Gives an Update

  • The more sincere and well-meaning the Hegelians are, the more dangerous they are.

    His Lordship Gives an Update

  • The first Hegelians, Hegel himself, must have known what they were doing, but after the first, like any heresy, the heresiarchs know, but those who follow them don't necessarily know.

    His Lordship Gives an Update

  • In fact my namesake was one of the famed "Young Hegelians".

    UK Libertarian Party

  • Except, where we have to deal with crypto-Hegelians.



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