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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Heliornithidae.


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  • Pale-capped pigeon Columba punicea (VU) in the evergreen forest, green peafowl Pavo muticus (VU) and silver oriole Oriolus mellianus (VU) in the dipterocarp/deciduous forest and masked finfoot Heliopais personata (VU) from the riverside are resident. 53 species are considered nationally threatened or near threatened, including four species of hornbill, Siamese fireback pheasant Lophura diardi, the rare silver pheasant Lophura nycthemera and the mountain imperial pigeon Ducula badia.

    Dong Phayayan Khao-Yai Forest Complex, Thailand

  • The bird assemblage also includes the globally threatened lesser adjutant (Leptoptilos javanicus) and threatened masked finfoot (Heliopais personata).

    Sundarbans mangroves

  • Important bird species are Sumatran ground cuckoo Carpococcyx viridis (CR), white-winged duck Cairina scutulata (EN), Lophura inornata (VU), Heliopais personata (VU), Treron capellei (VU), Alcedo euryzona (VU), Pitta schneideri (VU), P. venusta (VU) and Cochoa beccari (VU).

    Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia


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