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  • n. The adoption of Greek manners and culture
  • n. The act of causing a culture to become Greek


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  • That Hellenisation of Christianity which Gnosticism represented, and against which, in this, its acute form, the Church contended was, after all, the same thing which, by slower process and more unconsciously, befell the Church itself.

    An Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant

  • With all that we have said about the reprehensible admixture of the metaphysical element in the dogma, with all the accusation which we bring concerning acute or gradual Hellenisation, secularisation and defection from the

    An Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant

  • The phrase, 'the Hellenisation of Christianity,' might almost be taken as the motto of the work to which he owes his fame.

    An Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant

  • The princes and grandees of the Jews had represented to Antiochus that the people were ripe for Hellenisation; and inasmuch as, apart from this, to reduce to uniformity the extremely motley constituents of his kingdom was a scheme that lay near his heart, he was very willing to believe them.


  • Jerusalem, the centre of the process of Hellenisation, was abandoned by its inhabitants, who made their escape to Egypt, or hid themselves in the country, in deserts and caves.


  • B.C. 198, under the Seleucidæ -- Relations with the Seleucid princes and with the Jews -- Hellenisation of Phoenicia --

    History of Phoenicia

  • The account of the licentious worship of Ashtoreth at Aphaca, which has been already quoted from Eusebius, belongs to the fourth century after our era, and shows the tenacity with which a section of the Phoenicians, not withstanding their Hellenisation in language, in literature, and in art, clung to the old barbarous and awful cult, which had come down to them by tradition from their fathers.

    History of Phoenicia

  • Once people have started laughing at the idea that it is never too late to take arms against a sea of philosophical advancement they may well come rushing out to declare themselves as anti-Plantagenet, violently opposed to the Great Vowel Shift and by no means happy with the Hellenisation of Assyria.

    Top stories from Times Online

  • In September 2006, in the course of an arcane speech about the de-Hellenisation of Christianity, he managed to enrage Muslims by throwing in a quote from a Byzantine emperor on Islam being violent, evil and inhuman.

    Top Stories - Google News

  • According to a custom already observed by the Maccabees during their rebellion against the Seleucid Empire that was imposing the Hellenisation of the Jews (167BC), as a guerrilla army the Messianic Revolutionary Movement, continued to use codes and names that guaranteed the anonymity of their true identities (a strategy common to any insurgent movement throughout history) so as to protect themselves and their families from the Roman authorities.

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