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  • v. Alternative spelling of Hellenize.


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  • Kidd also is in print (James Joyce Literary supplement, Fall 1987) showing that the very first 1937 change (Joyce's "Hellenise" to un-Joycean "Hellenize" on 1937 page 5), along with another dozen variants, were undetected when the 1984 editors made sloppy last-minute collations in the spring of 1983 ” rather late for double checking and clear thinking.

    'The Scandal of Ulysses': An Exchange

  • This is the same bank Her Majesty's permanent secretary for tax excuses from the tax demands the rest of us must meet, as he strives to Hellenise the British and turn this country into Greece without the sunshine.

    Welcome to Britain, a haven for tax dodgers | Nick Cohen

  • And the Greeks, -- the great exponents of humanity's bent for sweetness and light united, of its perception that the truth of things must be at the same time beauty, -- singularly escaped the fanaticism which we moderns, whether we Hellenise or whether we

    Culture and Anarchy

  • Now, and for us, it is a time to Hellenise, and to praise knowing; for we have Hebraised too much, [lix] and have over-valued doing.

    Culture and Anarchy

  • Hellenise a little with free-trade, as we Hellenised with the Real

    Culture and Anarchy

  • Hellenise, as we say, a little, -- that is, to examine into the nature of real good, and to listen to what their consciousness tells them about it, -- rather than to pursue with such heat and confidence their present practical operations.

    Culture and Anarchy


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