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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of Hellenize.


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  • The small groups of gentiles, who now were starting to call themselves Christians (the Hellenized form of the Hebrew word Meshiach) found themselves bereft of Jewish leadership.

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  • But can we so confidently restrict the kinds of innovation available to "Hellenized" and therefore by definition syncretitstic Judaism based on the texts we have?

    More Mythicist-Creationist Parallels: Messiahs, Wisdom and Jesus

  • My point made poorly, I admit it was that Hamby's questions assume that this author and his readers were "Hellenized" not in the sense in which we know all Jews in the Greco-Roman world were hellenized in this period of history, but in the sense of being familiar with Greek myths and having a desire to emulate them.

    Historical Arguments and Skepticism

  • His name was Shaul of Tarsus, and he was a Hellenized Jew who had studied under the finest Torah scholars in Jerusalem.

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  • Shaul, now known by his Hellenized name "Paul", took a Nazerite vow and set out to spread the Torah with the message that Yeshua ben Yosef was God's Anointed One who would lead all peoples, both Jews and non-Jews, into the promised era of a time where the Torah would be the Law of the world, and that Yeshua ben Yosef would be the chief administrator of this Law.

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  • As in Macedonia, the nobles embraced Greek culture while the vast majority of the people carried on the ways of their ancestors, even in the Hellenized cities.

    Alexander the Great

  • The year is 1978, and Henry is a middle-aged dentist who awoke from bypass surgery overcome with shame for his empty Hellenized existence.

    Ariel Gonzalez: Infallible Israel

  • Here's where I start invoking "Hellenized Judaism" and "syncretism" as if they're magic words.

    More Mythicist-Creationist Parallels: Messiahs, Wisdom and Jesus

  • That was going on since the time of Antiochus IV's Hellenized Jewish supporters.

    More Mythicist-Creationist Parallels: Messiahs, Wisdom and Jesus

  • It marks the victory of the Jews against their Hellenized Syrian oppressors in the land of Israel during the second century BCE.

    Rabbi Sid Schwarz: Hanukkah And Interfaith Dialogue: Increasing Our Shared Light


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