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  • proper n. A radical political and military Shi'ite Muslim organization that arose after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon; often accused of terrorism.

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  • n. a Shiite terrorist organization with strong ties to Iran; seeks to create an Iranian fundamentalist Islamic state in Lebanon; car bombs are the signature weapon


From Arabic حزب الله (Hizbu-llāh, "party of God"). (Wiktionary)


  • Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of hezbollah said very clearly that Israeli, he claims, the disposal of the death of him Mughniyeh and that hezbollah says Israel wants a war, Hezbollah is ready for another war.

    CNN Transcript Feb 14, 2008

  • A few miles away, mass supporters of the militant pro-Syrian group, hezbollah, a sworn enemy of the U.S. and Israel, were burying one of the world's most wanted fugitive terror suspects, Imad Mugniyeh, killed by a car bomb, eulogized by Hezbollah, backed by Syria and Iran as two dangerously divided Lebanese camps flex their muscles in a critical showdown.

    CNN Transcript Feb 14, 2008

  • By suggesting that hezbollah WANTED Israel to destroy, wholesale, civilians and civilian infrastructure you are attempting to color Hezbollah as completely evil and in disregard for all life, to include their own people.

    Think Progress » Right-Wing Radio Host: Jews Who Criticize Israel Hate Themselves

  • HASSAN NASRALLAH, HEZBOLLAH LEADER (through translator): Who come today dare to say that we ask Hezbollah to disarm and give up his weapons to the government of these great ones with them, the land of Shebaa Farms, with the owners of these farms to go back to it?

    CNN Transcript Aug 14, 2006

  • HASSAN NASRALLAH, HEZBOLLAH LEADER (through translator): Secondly, I assure you today that Hezbollah is holding steadfast and we have apprehended the strike.

    CNN Transcript Jul 20, 2006

  • HASSAN NASRALLAH, HEZBOLLAH LEADER (through translator): And I assure you today that Hezbollah today is steadfast and have absorbed the strike.

    CNN Transcript Jul 20, 2006

  • NAWAR SAHILI, HEZBOLLAH, LEBANESE PARLIAMENT: Hezbollah is a resistance movement, a popular resistance.

    CNN Transcript Jul 22, 2006

  • The bombings were tied to hezbollah (in context, during the Israeli war on Lebanon), and from there about as meaningfully tied to the state of Iran as all recent US speculation of Hezbollah / Syrian 'sponsoring' by Iran (or, to put it from a different angle, as Iran's assertions that the US is operating terrorist organisations in Iran - dismissed outright as irrelevancies / fantasy by much of the mainstream). - Comments

  • I only believe in punishing the guilty. enough people haven't died yet? how many poeple will it take? the whole country of lebanon? truth-pain - just the way hezbollah advocates the destruction of Israel, Israel advocates the destruction of Hezbollah.


  • 'KICKED HEZBOLLAH OUT OF LEBANON': Biden: When we kicked - along with France, we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon, I said, and Barack said, 'Move NATO forces in there.

    The Minority Report -


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